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Soil Searching

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Noise, noise,,,, nonsense noise, necessary noise,,, yet nonetheless,,,,, noise. I found myself searching for my "woosah",,,,,,,,,my daydream in the darkness,,,,,,,,,,,I needed a hobby, y'all. In the midst of a global pandemic, I decided on a true shift in focus-- but decided that it had to be one that didn't include immediate production, immense expectation, a caravan of approval, or a loud applause. I would be intentional, soft, and all of the other things that fit comfortably in my bubble of ease. There was more on my shift list, which was supposed to relaxed, but as it grew expectation started to rear its hairy head, and I had to re-center my thoughts!

As an essential worker, I never slowed down, but the things around me did, and that allowed me some solitude to reacquaint self with self,, "Hey Girl, Hey!" .

The power of the pause is REAL friend,,and I was amazed at how much more "life" I had time for, and how much of it I had been giving away to "noise". I wasn't fully me, and I needed to take this time to build "her" up. During my time of self reflecting, I randomly decided on plants. Yes,,PLANTS- just like that.

I'm a gemini, and this is just how we do things.


Wait, what?!

Yup, plants.

You're gonna kill 'em.

Nature, Soil, Yasssssss girl, YASSSS!

They're as good as dead

I've GOT this!

The hubby was down for all of it, but asked that I hold off on the 3 story pinterest greenhouse with the exotic chicken coup until I grew 1 tomato, or atleast owned a dang watering can. We went out and picked up the supplies I needed. He told the check out clerk that I decided to become " Old McDonald" and that he'd hoped that this was my "thing". I decided then that I would document this journey, and jumped online to see what others were doing.


A Whooooole VIBE!!!!

I felt that with excitement! So many were into being plant parents- It was beautiful, diverse, and ease seeped through the pages. I went down the gardens Insta-rabbit hole for hours!

The excitement started to become tainted with some dread, because FRIEND,,,,,,,,

The aesthetics of these pages!,,,,The beauty of these botanicals!!,,,,LAWWWWD!

Wayyy beyond the tomato seed packet in my hand. It was a whole " You can't sit with us" monsoon!

"Look, its me with my plant on the left"

"Now its on my right,," *Smize*

"Here's the sun shining on my outdoor plant"

"Oh I live in a rainforest,, me & my expensive sundress"

"I grew Tarzans vines"

"Hydroponic Propogation,??!!!!"

Inadequacy seeped in like crazzzzzyyyyyy! Ok, nope, not ready- They are ON this!

Dang it! This was supposed to be fun! Its not for me, no, naw, nope!

I reminded myself that this was for ME. THAT was the noise. And I quickly learned that the plant parent community is super welcoming and super supportive! I can rock with that!

I'm still wholeheartedly unconvinced of my abilities, but I am challenging myself to GROW, dang it! Sometimes you have separate yourself from the noise, and just BE. I put my hand in that soil, and made my commitment. I will sow seeds of love, honestly, and joy regarding plant life and life life on this journey.

SOooo,,,, Here's to Soil, Sun, and My Dumb Green Thumb!!

You down for the ride?!

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